Our unrivalled experience and expertise enable us to rapidly design, develop and manufacture
energy systems to our customers’ specifications, suitable for any application:

High-Energy Battery System with Lithium

OEM Drivetrain Systems

Power Packs

Charging System


The group

P&C System represents an international leader in the automotive and technology industries. A well-established group with extensive experience in the design and production of components, subsystems and systems made of steel and light alloys. Its production philosophy is based on key factors such as Research, Innovation and Sustainability.

Know How

Our deep expertise in developing solutions for e-mobility allows us to meet customer demands for both system components and complete systems. 
The project of a complete electric Drive Train or the integration of part of it, the Power Pack project, charging systems, and research and development projects are an integral part of our Know-How and the service we provide to our customers.

Our excellent battery performance is the result of uncompromising design and manufacturing choices. These include the use of innovative cells, individually certified by the manufacturer, and advanced control algorithms implementation, the result of our expertise and the subject of two different European industrial patents.


Our focus is on providing batteries in the industrial automation field for self-driving vehicles and for movers, airport tractors, cranes, trolleys and platforms. In the automotive sector, we design and manufacture prototypes and series of systems and subsystems for BEV, FCEV and HEV. In addition, we also operate in the recreational and sports boating sector, as well as Information & Communication Technology (in particular, large UPS) and other areas.

About Us

We are a technology company, a system of ideas, products and services with energy and propulsion at its core. We cover the entire cycle, from conception through design to production. Voltmec invents, develops prototypes, produces and markets battery systems for vehicles and stationary applications. In addition, we manufacture and integrate electric drives and develop monitoring and charging systems. Our strengths include a solid production facility and a highly competent engineers team with proven experience.

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Their expertise ranges from electric propulsion design for on-road vehicles to stationary storage systems and remote vehicle and energy telemetry. Our innovative skills and design are the result of more than 20 years of experience from our engineers in the electric mobility field. We have conceived, designed, developed and produced hundreds of vehicles and prototypes that are on the road. Our battery voltages range from 12-96V for industrial handling applications to 700-1000V for high-performance propulsion, large uninterruptible power systems (UPS) and marine propulsion. We can handle productions with fast development, delivery and commissioning times, always ready to meet every need in a timely and efficient manner!

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