OEM Drivetrain Systems
The Electric Drivetrain, consisting of the electric motor, transmission and power electronics, is the heart of every electric vehicle, flanked by the battery or fuel cell. We are the ideal partner for the entire Electric Drivetrain System development and supply, which includes the battery-system (complete with BMS and cooling system), OBC system, inverter, gearbox and electric motor. We offer a wide range of solutions, from individual components to the complete Electric Drivetrain System, at every stage of the development process. We start by defining the objectives and proceed with the design and full development of the solution, including system integration. The choice of the appropriate propulsion system and related subsystems and components is crucial, as is the ability to integrate the system into the vehicle. Improving the vehicle's range, performance and efficiency while optimising the weight, battery shape and capacity are fundamental requirements for an electric Drivetrain development. Our solutions include the development, testing, validation and integration of systems and the production of prototypes and series, applied to all types of propulsion systems, from hybrid to BEV to FCEV. We are ready to support every electric mobility project!